Saturday, October 23, 2010

Country Music & Good Friends…

This was the Summer of Country Music out here in Cali and boy oh boy was this girl HAPPY! You’ll have to excuse the blurry pictures… Who loves cheap seats like we do? Amen?!

On our way to see Brad Paisley & Justin Moore!

Besides getting to go to THREE concerts with some of my FAVORITE artists, I got to spend some time with the amazing girl up there … Jes. God definitely put her in my life at a point when I was ready to tuck tail and RUN back to Missouri! She has been not only a friend when I needed one, but an amazing, encouraging, Godly woman! Boy did I strike gold when Brian and I signed up for Life Group at Our Church out here in Cali! He knew just what I needed (always does) and Jes has been just that!

 Brad. Amazing. Guitar skills = WOW.

Our personal Country Concert Series started with Brad… I’d seen him before, but he never fails to amaze me with his guitar playing! Justin Moore opened for him and he blew our socks off too! We brought the hubbies along for this one… but when it came time for Carrie and Rascal Flatts… they were OUT.

Carrie. That girl's got style! Rockin' a tux, a GORGEOUS skirt, & flyin' over the audience in a truck!

I have loved Carrie Underwood since her days on American Idol! (Yes… don’t judge me. I sometimes watch that show.) I brought a picture of her to the salon the day I got married so my hair would look Carrie-fabulous! Well…her concert was nothing short of breathtaking! From coming up and out of the middle of the stage with fabulous outfits, swinging on a big tree swing, flying over the audience on her truck, and her crystal clear voice, I was in heaven. That girl can SING! Jes & I had a great time! We especially liked Billy Currington opening for her! Any other ladies a fan of his?

Joe Don, Gary, & Jay Rockin' Out!

The very next day, us crazy girls headed for the Rascal Flatts tour! Those boys never let me down! I’ve seen ‘em before… but I always forget just how many hits they’ve had! Every song is a blast to sing along with!

What a great way to have some fun out here in Cali! I feel so blessed to get to get to step back into my Midwest shoes and enjoy some good ol’ Country Music!

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  1. I'm so glad that you got to enjoy some of your country music out in Cali. I love me some Carrie Underwood, too.

    I'm also glad that you and Jes met up and have made such a strong connection! I wish I could have met her during my last visit- but we'll make sure that happens in the Spring.

    LOVE you!