Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Overwhelmingly Inspired & a New Weekly Post!

Let me introduce ya’ll to a very dear friend of mine… the “Favorite’s Bar” on my internet explorer. Now in that Favorites bar lives a folder labeled: Blogs, and people… it just reached 55 links!! AND that does not include the blogs I already “follow” on blogger. I also have 39 links saved in a folder labeled “Sewing projects.”

Whew. That’s a whole LOT of face time with my laptop! Since I’m pretty sure it will take me years to get through all the blog reading and/or crafting saved in those folders, and since I’m bound to add a few hundred more links in the near future… I’m starting a little series called “Whatcha got Wednesdays” where I will highlight some of these adorable findings in the hope that ya’ll will find inspiration from them too! This will help clear out that ‘ol Favorite’s Bar and get it out there in the blogosphere for everyone to enjoy! So here goes nothin’…

1. Ashley Ann @ Under the Sycamore’s DIY Pallet Bed

Ashley’s a mom, amazing photographer, and super crafter! I just looove this Pallet Bed! Remember our teeny tiny guest room, I’m definitely saving this link for a space saving idea in our new condo!

2. Lindsey @ The Cottage Home’s Amazing Studio & Great Tutorials

This Mama does fabulous things with her sewing machine, and has my dream crafting room in her beautiful 1930’s cottage! You simply MUST check out her blog! I won some BEAUTIFUL fabric just recently and she’s become a favorite place to stop by!

3. Mandy @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition’s Rag Rug Tutorial

I just love a good rag rug, don’t you? I bought a few at PB on sale when we moved into our first apartment, and this tutorial’s got me all excited to make a few for other rooms in the new condo!

4. Malia @ Yesterday on Tuesday’s Vintage flashcard banner & Back to School Wreath

This blog is just wonderful… always full of crafty goodness! I think these ideas are super cute and since my dear little sis is a teacher, I just had to share! Side Note: Malia's hubby definitely interviewed Zack Efron, and the Twilight Stars. He works for ABC… go figure. She has a fabulous linky party… check it out over there --->

5. Emily @ Not So Idle Hands’s Etched kitchen storage jars

These jars are so cute! I’m such a sucker for mason jars and other old repurposed glass and these kitchen containers look like she bought ‘em at Pottery Barn! There’s a really great tutorial with step by step pictures… which I find very helpful in the world of DIY-ing! Emily has lots of other great tutorials on her blog too!

6. Amy @ Positively Splendid’s Patriotic Outdoor Pillows

These pillows are definitely up my alley… anything red, white and blue actually. I just love the idea of using spray paint to make the fabric fit for the outdoors! I’m pretty sure these would look pretty sweet out on our little patio! Make sure you check out Amy’s other great tutorials too!

7. Kate @ Centsational Girl’s DIY: Laundry Room Drying Rack

Some day when I have a REAL laundry room and my Hubby actually has a garage/workshop… I will have one of these! I’d seen it in my Ballard’s Design catalog and began coveting it at once! I MUST tell you that no matter WHAT kind of DIY project you’re lookin’ to tackle… Kate is your girl! She has an EXTENSIVE list of tutorials on how to paint, build or refurbish almost anything, and much, much more!

I hope ya'll enjoyed all these super fun ideas! I'll be back with more next week!


  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out on the rag rug. And that pallet bed - her blog is one of my favorites!

  2. I just figured out how to post comments on your blog! I read it all the stinkin time! You are SO cute! Why didn't GOd bless me with cute craftiness???? Can I have more links to blogs with other cool crafty people like yourself??

  3. Hi Candace-- Thanks so much for the feature. My husband will be excited he got a mention too (- :
    So re Zac Efron I have something special to giveaway... what do you think? Doesn't exactly go with crafts but crafters can be Zac fans, right?

  4. Haha Rachel... Yes you can... on here. Every week.

    Malia... YES! Do the giveaway! I'd definitely try to win :)

  5. I believe I have just added your link to my blog folder as well. Can't wait to tackle some of these projects and see what else you post!

  6. Awwwww, thanks so much for the feature! Sounds like your list of crafts is long like mine....good luck getting them all done!! :)

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