Thursday, August 21, 2014

My baby is off to Preschool!

Her first day of preschool. My first baby. My girl who has no hesitations anytime we drop her off anywhere--not so much as a hug or kiss. Just; "Bye Mom!" Like she's ten or something. She's so ready for this little adventure. She knows all of what she needs to know for Kindergarten, and at only 3, can write her name, and spell her sister's. She's ready for a challenge--but at the same time, this Mama feels the pain of letting go a bit. 

It's no more than 6 hrs a week- 2 half days, and she's home for lunch and naps--something we're definitely not ready to give up yet! Still... The self imposed Mama-guilt of not homeschooling my social butterfly, or for even letting her out of my sight for a few hours (since she's only 3) has been brutal this week. Silly probably, but real. I know deep down that this is so good for her--right now, in this moment, this works for our family. She'll learn all sorts of things and make new friends, all while being in a place where the Gospel is spoken. These are all things I very much want for my girl. 

She's been carrying her backpack around for days and asking when she's going to school. While we painted her nails last night, she told me that she is a big girl now and that she will go to school sometimes. "Not all the time Mama, just sometimes." I asked her if she was excited and she told me, "Yes- my teacher is nice and I really liked her shirt." 

Why does it feel like my heart may explode? Maybe it's because it still feels like yesterday that we brought our tiny 5 lb baby home from the hospital, and now she's growing up. Excuse me while I go rock Liv and sob. But really... I'm so very proud of my girl. 

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  1. Excuse me while I go bawl my eyes OUT AHH WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!?