Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Olivia Grace {weeks 37-40}

Olivia Grace... what a fun month with our littlest princess this has been! She is getting so big and developing such an adorable personality. A feisty little thing who lets you know what she wants, when she wants it... that's our Liv! At 37 weeks, she learned to clap while Hannah and I were singing "Happy and you know it" ... and does it ALL the time now. It's the cutest thing ever. Hannah will tell her "Good job Sissy!" when she does a new task and then Liv smiles a HUGE grin and claps for herself. She also got her very first tooth this month... a tiny bottom one. She was extra cuddly and needed Mama a lot, but it wasn't too bad. She's pulling up on all the furniture, and loves to be standing all the time!

At 38 weeks, our sweet girl is moving ALL THE TIME! She seemed to have lost a bit of chub in those cheeks too, since she NEVER stops moving! She fell off the bed... just like Hannah, but it was more of a slip-off-the-bed this time. I still felt horrible... we're two for two on that. Liv is so very cuddly lately... I absolutely LOVE that if she's got blanky, soothie, and Mama, she'll snuggle for long periods of time. She slept EIGHT hours straight this week... I couldn't believe it! She's done it again, and another 7hr stretch since then. Considering Hannah didn't do that until she was 13mo old, I am one HAPPY Mama. We think it's because she plays so hard and eats so much during the day... girlfriend definitely snuck some chocolate chip cookie and LOVED it. That's my baby!

Liv's blanky has become a crucial item lately... it's what calms her down when she's cranky, sleepy, or out and about. At 39 weeks, she cut tooth #2... the other bottom one. She was pretty upset and needed lots of nursing & chewing on everything. She's been crashing into everything this week, since she ALWAYS has to be pulling up! I'd worry more, but she rarely cries about it. We had such amazing weather this week though, and the sunshine sure seemed to help her! Olivia LOVES to be outside! She sits on a picnic blanket while Hannah runs around and just watches contently. We also had a few epic car rides lately... I'm praying she learns to like her carseat SOON! 

Liv has been playing more and more with Hannah lately and it is precious! They play legos together, picnic, puzzles, and even sit and look at books! She says "Mama, Dada, Nana (Hannah), and Gah (Gramma). She'll yell for Mama when I leave her sight and has been doing the same for Hannah too! She eats EVERYTHING lately... anything Hannah has (cereal, french fries, pancakes) plus her fruits and veggies too! She can wave "bye bye" by opening and closing her hands & she started pointing to people/things that she wants this week. I can NOT believe that 40 weeks have gone by with her! Brian and I feel like she was just a teeny little peanut yesterday, but at the same time, feel like she's always been a part of our family and couldn't imagine life without her. She may be loud, and is keeping us on our toes, but we are so in love with this girl! 

Hannah's photo project HERE.

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  1. Oh how these post make me so happy! Love seeing all of the pics. Those floral jeans are ADORABLE. I think she really looks like Hannah in the last photo.