Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Picture Project Weeks 37-40

Our Sweet baby girl is acting so very grown up lately! Sometimes I look at her and I see a little toddler, and it breaks my Mama heart. Sleep or no sleep, I'm in love with her. I treasure each time she cuddles up to nurse, and falls asleep on my chest to nap... Someday she won't want me to hold her and until then... I'll take what I can get! She's getting around so easily now! Grandma and Grandpa bought her a cart that she pushes all over the house. She'll stand without holding on to anything and squeals with pride when she does! She plays peek a boo by ducking under the table an popping back up and laughs so hard when she sees us! We've finally moved to chunky baby food... She likes the vegetables, but will try the meat now too. Her favorite food is definitely applesauce... She loves Trader Joe's fruit crushers! We made the switch from puffs to Trader Joe's O's... She seems to love those too! Happy baby cheese puffs, mozzarella cheese, and cut up fruit are some of her other favorites. She drinks some watered down juice each day from a bottle since she seems uninterested in her sippy cups. I've mentioned before that sleep is still an issue... She just wants to nurse and cuddle with Mama all night long. Unfortunately, that makes for a grumpy Mama in the morning... So we're working on helping her to sleep longer. She now looks for me when I'm in another room and says Mama in a sad voice when she's upset. Only a hug from me will do in those moments.
Dada is for playing with and tackling on the floor... They laugh and play for hours when he gets off work. She points to us and says our names too! It's so adorable. She seems curious to know what each item and person's name is! She's such a happy baby... Always laughing and babbling, playing and exploring! We feel so blessed.

Here's the most recent pictures...

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  1. I'm a new follower of your cute blog. Love her outfits. she is such a doll.