Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Where we're at and some Exciting News!

Poor little ol' blog has been so ignored recently... I know that it seems like such an excuse, but seriously y'all... Sleep deprivation is NO JOKE. Our precious girl has been re-doing her sleep schedule for 9 months and this Mama is TIRED. Ever since she started sleeping all night in her crib (around 7mo,) I put her down and then Bri and I try to have a little bit of time to ourselves, then I nurse her once more before I go to bed at about midnight. She WAS sleeping until 7ish... (For a few blessed weeks) Then the past month has been such a roller coaster. Sometimes it's 3:30, sometimes 5:30 and sometimes I get a whole 6hrs sleep before she's up again. She also fusses between each of the feedings. I know I'm not the only Mama struggling with this, but whew... I'm sure praying my next kiddo LOVES to sleep! Brian and I joke that since our toddler probably won't sleep... might as well have a newborn up as well!

I've taken her to the Dr twice in 2 weeks to make sure that she's okay (since she's been fussy and had congestion along with the sleeplessness.) She's aparently fine... and also NOT teething, since we've yet to see a tooth on our 9 1/2 mo baby girl. Unfourtunately the sleeplessness HAS taken a toll on Mama... I've got a virus that I can't seem to kick and the only thing the Dr told me to do was "Get a lot of rest".... I almost laughed in her face.

Sweet Baby would sleep all day if she was in Mama's arms.

Other than trying to get better, I've been organizing, and getting stuff cleaned out of the apartment, because...

This little family of three is MOVING! In less than 3 years, we've moved from Missouri to an apartment in California, then to a new condo in California, then back home to an apartment in Missouri before Lovebug arrived and now... We're getting a HOUSE! A whole house, all ours to DIY our pretty little hearts out and do WHATEVER we want with it! I am seriously giddy over this... like jump up and down like a kid happy!

We've still got 4 weeks until we close, but we seem to be cruising though all the house-buying steps (loan docs are signed, inspection done, title co paid, etc) and I'm just falling in love with this sweet little home a bit more every day! Since I knew that this was a temporary apartment (definitely did not expect to still be here 9mo later) A lot of our stuff is still in plastic tubs or in storage at our parents' houses. I'll keep y'all updated with what's happening in the process, and I'll have a house tour once we close, but until then...

This sweet little house will soon be our Home!

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  1. Landon has those sleep issues too. His are mostly related to teething though. He has 4 and is working on a couple more right now. It's not fun, but it will pass even though at the time it seems like it will never end.

    Congrats on the house! We are in the process of getting our condo ready to sell and then once someone buys it we will buy a new house! I cannot wait!