Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Picture Project!

I'm sure many of ya'll have seen the amazing weekly picture project that Young House Love has done? Well if not, HERE ya go. There are a whole lot of copied versions all over the blogosphere, and weekly number stickers you can buy to stick on onesies too. I wanted ours to look a little different, and since I get to dress my little girl up (total dream come true!) I thought I'd put her in different outfits and use something handmade by Mommy. (Notice how I seem to speak in 3rd person lately? It's a lovely new habit) We've decided to take a picture of our sweet Lovebug on her quilt each Saturday, and then put the pictures all together in a beautiful coffee table book for us to treasure forever!

Here's Lovebug's first FOUR weeks!

I'm so in LOVE!


  1. these pictures are the sweetest!!!! :)

  2. As am I, sis. So in love. Your little girl is beautiful beyond words. Have I mentioned lately how much I admire you and how amazing you are at being a mom? Hope so. Love you!

  3. she is precious! those outfits are adorable too!