Thursday, April 10, 2014

Olivia Grace {weeks 41-44}

I can't believe we're at 41 weeks, but here we are. It seems that with baby number two, it sure goes a whole lot faster, that's for sure! I'm getting a little sad that Liv is quickly moving towards being a toddler, and I'm enjoying her squishy, cuddly little self so much these days. This week was a rough one, as Hannah, Liv and I all caught a nasty cold. Both girls were up every hour most nights for a week. Brian and I took turns sleeping with the girls and taking one downstairs to cuddle so they wouldn't keep waking each other up. Liv is still getting over the yucky cough she had, poor baby. Like Hannah (and Brian,) she'll cough and gag herself and then spit-up. 

We joyfully welcomed 42 weeks, since the weather was gorgeous and we spent a LOT of time outside! We celebrated Papa's birthday at our favorite BBQ restaurant. Liv LOVES french fries and is eating everything we eat now. She devours pasta, bread, veggies, yogurt, fruit... and anything that Hannah has! She gets so excited and flaps her little arms like a bird, or hits Mama in the face. She can STARE you down and it's the most hilarious face! Then she'll laugh. She calls for me and Hannah when when I take her to the potty, and cries or crawls after us. She hates to be all alone, so we take her with us everywhere. 

At 43 weeks, Liv just stood up in the middle of the room without holding onto anything... just like her big sister used to do. She's cruising the furniture and has to be standing as often as possible... why do my kiddos walk so soon?! Our girl LOVES Legos (Duplo) and plays with them for up to an hour at a time! She can even put a few together. She waves 'hi' and 'bye' by opening and closing her hand, and will shoot you a big smile while she does. Liv has SO much personality... she keeps us laughing and brightens our days. We sure love our Sissy. 

Oh goodness this girl is cute... I'm sure I'm a little biased, but seriously. Her two-toothed grin just slays me. She gives kisses now, and loves to give them to her baby dolls and pat them gently. She's always on the go, but when she crashes, she sleeps HARD. She started getting up at 12 & 5 again after her sickies, but I honestly don't mind the cuddles... she falls right back to sleep after nursing and sleeps so sweetly. She LOVES to be outside and even played with sidewalk chalk for the first time... she mostly drew on Daddy, but it was cute. 

I can't believe I'm getting ready to start putting together her big 1st birthday bash, but I'm just loving this girl more and more each day... can't wait to see what she'll be up to next!

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