Thursday, January 2, 2014

Olivia Grace {weeks 25-28}

Oh Livi Loo... such a character. She's hot or cold, and never between. We've decided that it will always be loud in our house... her presence always known. I'm okay with that... just such an adjustment from our Hannah. She was very good and went with the flow at Thanksgiving. I hosted one dinner and we all ended up cuddling and napping after the meal... her Auntie didn't mind the snuggles. 

The next week, she started scooting! She'll be across the room from where I left her in no time at all! The whole family caught the flu... poor baby didn't even want to eat much, and that's her favorite thing to do! She still weighed 16lbs after a week of fasting... what her sister weighted at a YEAR. Our perfectly average sized Liv... flying through the hand-me-downs that I thought would work out perfectly! She's still SUCH a Mama's girl... needs me all day, everyday... or else, tears.

She's started sitting up to play, and I think she is MUCH happier doing so! She loves to sit by the toy bin and pull out all the toys, one by one. She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. She still takes her soothie binky, but only when she's sleepy. Otherwise she chews on it. Sophie the Giraffe is her BFF... that rubber toy has some sort of magic baby powers. The car rides have gotten MUCH better overall... she still isn't too pleased to be trapped in her carseat for long... but thank the Lord for no screaming each time we go anywhere!

At 6mo and two weeks, she started eating some food! She seems to really like bananas, sweet potato and even parsnips! Still munching away on Mum Mum's and reaching for everything we eat... sometimes we let her try things, but she seems to be disturbed by what it actually tastes like once it's in her mouth, ha. We love our girl and are so excited to see more and more of her personality emerge! It's going so quickly with our second baby... we're trying to soak up her littleness while it lasts. Our beautiful girl will be chasing the sister she adores around the house before we know it!

Hannah's Photo Project HERE.


  1. Wow, she sounds so much like Ellie! She is beautiful and so sweet! I enjoyed the read!

  2. Sweet Livi! Us 2nd children have to stick together. ;)