Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our Snow Days {2013}

Being a stay-at-home Mama, the predicted snowfall here in Missouri had me a little nervous. I was worried I'd feel trapped at home, unable to go to our usual play-dates and errand-running, leaving me stir crazy. However, God's been working on this Mama's heart and teaching me, gently, how to REST.

I found it so very comforting to wake up to a snow covered world, and spent our days in our PJ's, cuddled up under quilts, watching Disney movies. Time seemed to slow down and it was just what I needed. I had time to nest a bit and get excited for Baby Sissy. I also baked a few too many goodies too.

Lucky for my girl, her Papa (my daddy) had a few Snow Days too... which meant she got to play in the snow! She was so excited. It took a while to get her all bundled up in her snow-bibs and such, but she sure did look cute!

When we got outside, she kept pointing to all the "no." She loved to look at it, but snow-balls and snow-men will have to wait another year... she refused to touch it.

She sure loves her Papa... it was precious watching him pull her in the sled down the driveway. 

She lasted about 25 minutes before she was cold, and only wanted Papa to hold her... but these smiles and pictures were worth the chilly weather!

I love this girl and am so blessed to live these days with her.

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  1. What sweet pictures! I, too, used the snow days as an opportunity to rest.