Monday, February 25, 2013

Finally... a few Bump Pics {Baby Sissy}

I'm definitely not on track with the weekly bump pics like I was with our sweet Lovebug... I suppose that happens with Babies #2 and on? Baby Sissy {our nickname for her} is keeping me on my toes!

16 Weeks!
This pregnancy started out so similarly. The nausea hit right as I found out at 5 weeks, and I even ate all the same things- saltines and lemon water, bland foods, and no coffee {gasp!} But then the sickness went on and on. My wonderful OB finally convinced me (and my insurance co) that it was Hypermesis and that I'd need a full script of Zofran {miracle drug.} Slowly, my appetite for normal foods has come back and I'm drinking my beloved Starbucks again {decaf} and craving chocolate like there's no tomorrow! I'm thinking this sweet girl may be a little more on the chunky side... And that's FINE with me!

19 Weeks!

My favorite thing about being pregnant with baby #2 has been imagining the sweet sister relationship she's gonna have! Lovebug has been taking her baby dolls EVERYWHERE lately! She's such a good little Mama and I can't wait to see the love she has for her Baby Sissy! When we ask her where Baby Sissy is, she points to my belly and gives it kisses! So precious.

I also wonder how my heart can grow anymore than it did when our girl came into the world. I know it will--but it amazes me how instead of having to share the love I already know how to give, God just creates more--such a beautiful picture of the love he has for us.

22 Weeks!

Time is flying by with this pregnancy. I'm working on updating the girls' room {LOVE saying that} and have picked out the pattern and fabric for Baby Sissy's quilt too. I'm so happy to have caught the nesting bug! So many beautiful things to buy from Etsy and to sew and create. I want to welcome my sweet little one into the same special handmade space that welcomed Lovebug.

I'm off to dream up more ideas!


  1. Glad to hear you are finding relief from your sickness! So excited for you and your growing family.

  2. Cute belly pics! So jealous of all your hand made stuff! Your girls are so lucky! May the rest of your second trimester be blessed!