Friday, November 9, 2012


Whew it's been a while since I've given y'all a look at what's happening lately via Instagram huh? Things have been busy, busy (they always are this time of year.) Baby girl is cutting molars, which has been so hard on her... and leaving us all a little sleep deprived. I'm so glad it's Friday though, since the Hubby and I are taking our first trip away this weekend, and leaving our Lovebug in VERY good hands! I'm sure Gramma, Grampa & Auntie will spoil her while we're away!

Her first bad fall... jumped off the jungle gym.
Mama cried more than she did.

Halloween morning... lovin on her pumpkins!
Auntie and her little mouse! She LOVED trick or treating!
Playing at Chik-fil-A... our favorite treat!
Our sweet little Minnie...
That post HERE.
My lovely Pleated Poppy Birthday goodies from my Sis!

My wonderful In-laws gave me a DSLR!
Get ready for much better pictures y'all!
Happy Friday! 
 life rearranged

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