Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I Want for 2012

I know I'm really late on the whole "Here are my goals and resolutions for 2012" post, but folks, I'm just plain WIPED. When I sat down and started thinking about all that I want to accomplish this year, and what I want to change, etc, I started to feel very , very overwhelmed. Am I expecting too much of myself? Do I have too many goals? I honestly wanted to run to bed and hide under the covers...which is where I suppose it all starts. Our little Lovebug has been going through an "I don't want to sleep at ALL" phase for the last month. I've talked to several people... I know that it will pass, that babies do this. We'll survive. Her phase just came at a very bad time for this Mama. I was just starting to feel like myself... I wanted to start sewing again, blogging more, trying new recipes, decorating, etc. Well, this tired Mama is barely making it through the daily stuff like dinner, cleaning, laundry, errands... before crawling to my bed bone-tired at the end of the day, only to be up with our girl most of the night.

WIDE awake... laughing (at Mama's exhaustion) 1am.

Every morning, while I drink my coffee and Lovebug plays, I read blog after blog of Stay at Home Mamas with 4+ kiddos, who craft, and sew, and make sweet memories, all while recording it on their beautiful blogs almost EVERY day. They also take time to do daily photos of their kids, pin a few things, tweet, and run an Etsy shop. HOW do they do it? Seriously HOW? Does is somehow get easier with more than one kiddo?

Passed out... sitting up... NO paci... exhausted.

I KNOW that "Comparison is the theif of JOY", but folks, this is what I want for OUR family, for MY life... to have the time and energy to do MORE than what's getting done.

This is what I want for 2012...
1. Be in constant communication with God... He's listening, so I'm gonna get talking and ABIDING!
2. Eat Healthier-LESS SUGAR. (Totally addicted + my body type = BAD)
3. Get walkin' girl! (The baby weight ain't gonna fall off on it's own)
4. Get out that sewing maching at least once a week... I've got the crafting/sewing bug BAAAD!
5. Catch up on Hannah's Digital Scrapbooks and keep current on them!
6. Blog more... it's been a drought since Lovebug was born!
7. Stop Pinning and MAKE something! It seriously stresses me out having a zillion pins and nothing made.

So LET'S CHAT! Anyone else feel overwhelmed by all you want to accomplish? Any advice from other Mamas? I wanna hear from y'all! For real.

I'm still IN LOVE with this beautiful girl, tired or not.


  1. Stop pressuring yourself with social media! That precious little girl, nor God, care whether you blog more or pin less. I'm not a momma, so my opinion is based on being a stay at home wife. It will all fall into place.

  2. Don't feel down~ Just remember that the Internet can be deceiving because people will only show what they want you to see. Not everyone will be honest about their daily struggles. I think it's great that you share these things.
    It's easy to get overwhelmed, but just remember to break things down into lists and it can get done, one thing at a time. You are very blessed to be able to spend the days with your little one as many moms don't even get to do that. Just enjoy it!

  3. I. Am. So. Inspired. By. You!

    Love you tons!

  4. Candace,
    Be encouraged in the Lord, friend :) He is with you as you care for sweet Hannah and is helping you sort through these things just as He's planned. I've found motherhood to be more sanctifying than anything else (other than marriage!). During Moriah's first few months I shared many of your feelings... there is quite an adjustment to be made as a new mom, especially with little sleep! I remember wondering how friends were able to bring me a meal, when they also had babies, I felt like I'd never even be able to cook dinner again. Now, 17 months later (which may seem like an eternity for you at the moment, but has really flown by) I'm SO thankful that the Lord has shifted my priorities in many ways and is continuing to do so. These sweet moments matter more than the "rest" I feel from a completed to-do list or a neat house. The Lord knows our hearts as we desire to serve our families at home, but has most importantly given us little ones who require tangible care all the time! Consider your hopeful list in light of Christ and those things that will encourage you (even physically and emotionally) while not becoming burdensome (even if they may be fun). I'd say you're also blessed to have lots of friends and family who are probably more willing to help than you realize, help is humbling but also from the Lord and needed. Praying for you! This is a season, it will pass, and looking back, somehow God makes it seem short :) I'm about to start a book called "Loving the Little Years", it may be encouraging to you... you can read some of it on the web-site (or blog!?) by the same name, I'm sure you'd find it in a Google search

  5. Sis, your honesty is beautiful. I know that you are facing a challenging stage of adjustment- just know that I'm praying and sending love your way! :)

  6. As a mom of five (who totally doesn't have it all together - at all!!!!) ranging in age from 2 to 20 (my two oldest are my stepsons!), just know that the first year is HARD - no matter what ANYONE says. If they act like it's easy - they are lying! I wish I could say it gets easier when they get older, but honestly there are so many hard stages. The sleep thing will get MUCH better, though, and I feel like moms can handle things so much better when we get sleep. My youngest had reflux when he was a baby, and I kid you not - he never slept more than a 1 hour stretch until he was 10 months old. I was nursing him exclusively (he refused bottles) so it was me up all night, every night, and I had a kindergartener and a fourth grader that I had to get up with at 6:30 am. I was a zombie for ten months. I barely took a shower much less had time for craft projects or blogging. I feel pretty accomplished that I didn't end up in the loony bin, quite honestly.

    Hang in there!!!! You're doing a great job!