Monday, May 2, 2011

A Bittersweet Farewell to SoCal...

This little Mama is currently sitting in Missouri writing this post. Surprised? I'm still a little shocked myself. It seems insane--all of what has happened during these last few months.... I know I've been vague with ya'll, but I just wasn't sure where to start!

Brian carrying me over the threashold in our first apartment in SD

Last December we were just planning our usual Christmas visit home... but when we got there, we heard about a possible opening for a virtual position within his company. When we found about about Baby Lovebug, we were perfectly content to be in SoCal, but the farther along I got... the more I wanted to be surrounded by family! So Bri quickly put in for the position when we got back to San Diego in January and then the waiting and praying began... I was getting more and more pregnant and time was flying by!

La Jolla Cove... one of my favorite spots in San Diego

Finally in March, we heard that they had filled that position, but that there was another, better position opening. I was disappointed, but trying very hard to remain optimistic. He applied for that position and within a few weeks had an interview. Then... MORE waiting!

At the beach with my Love!

After another few weeks, as I was hitting my 31st week of pregnancy... and feeling like a ticking time bomb, we got good news! He got the new position! I already had a one way ticket home, mostly on faith. Bri was very certain that this would work out, and that we'd be home before Lovebug's arrival. So we'd been packing up all the breakables, and saying our goodbyes to friends. Another one-way ticket back to San Diego could always be bought. So the DAY BEFORE my flight, we were out to dinner celebrating the new job, and saying goodbye to each other for a few weeks until he can drive cross country with all of our stuff!

Sunset over Torrey Pines Beach!

So there you have it ya'll. We've got 9 weeks left till Lovebug's arrival and I'm now searching for apartments here in Missouri! I'm spending lots of time with my family and friends, trying to process the fact that I'm not going back to Cali, and missing my Hubby dearly! It's a bit of an emotional roller coaster, but I thank God for the blessing to be here with family when our little one arrives and soon we'll be looking for a house and settling in as a Midwest family of three!

Our "family" in San Diego... such sweet friends that we'll miss dearly!

So if you could offer up a little prayer to get this pregnant lady's husband home soon, and for peace of mind and calmness while we get settled in during these last weeks of pregnancy!

Enjoying a romantic walk along the cove!

I'll keep you folks updated!


  1. 'Such a beautiful tribute to your first home as a married couple.

    Love you, Sis. 'Hope I can help make the transition a little easier on ya. I know this is a big change. I'm just so happy you're home.

  2. So glad you can be home and with family during this time. Praying that Brian makes it home to you very soon. - The Bowman Family